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Hamilton lottery winner fritters away $10 million | The Star

lotto winner goes broke
Sharon Tirabassi (pictured) hit the jackpot nine years ago by winning $10.5 million in the Canadian Lotto Super 7. Today, she has to catch a bus to her part-time job and lives in a rental property

Curse of the lottery: Tragic stories of big jackpot

It turns out that winning the lotto can be a dangerous game. There is not just the risk of losing friends and family to greed or stress but also the risk of losing your life.

Lotto winner stories: Huge cash wins turned into

lotto winner goes broke

70% of lottery winners go broke - Need Help Paying Bills Blog

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10 Lottery Winners Who Went Broke | TheRichest

Sometimes, lotto winners remain the same humble people they were before. Take Washington state resident Tyrone Curry for example; he kept his job as a school janitor after winning a $3.4 million jackpot. He spent some of his winnings on a new track for the school and paid off his debts, but other than that things pretty much remained the same. On the other extreme, however, many lottery

18 Lottery Winners – The Surprising Truth About The Lotto

Second, the first person you should tell after you win is a financial advisor and an estate attorney—not your spouse, mom, or best friend, like nearly every lottery winner does.

Jack Whittaker (lottery winner) - Wikipedia

And since the lotto winner often loves the attention, and they grew into an inflated ego, they pass out money to these friends/family for their attention. Or they invest in investments they do not understand. Then what inevitably happens when the winner goes broke, those so-called friends disappear overnight.

Sharon Tirabassi:$10 Million Lottery Winner Broke

How to Deal With Winning the Lottery - Creating long-term benefits from your winnings


Big Winner Goes Deep in Debt Suzanne Mullins won $4.2 million in 1993 in the Virginia lottery. She split the prize with her husband and was supposed to receive 20 annual after-tax payments of $47,778.

Why Lottery Winners Go Bankrupt - MarketWatch

Britan’s youngest-ever lottery winner wasted away the money on drugs, booze and cosmetic surgery. She became so depressed, she even (allegedly) attempted suicide three times. Rogers was introduced to cocaine by a boyfriend and spent over $400,000 on the drug in six years before getting clean.

Lotto winner goes broke after borrowing money to a friend

How to Win on Lottery Tickets - Method 1 Winning Scratch-Off Tickets

21 Lottery Winners Who Lost It All - The Penny Hoarder

Lottery winners whose luck ran out. Winning the lottery can suddenly give you a huge fortune and a dazzling future. But for an unlucky bunch, lotto winnings turn into a curse.

How Many Lottery Winners Go Broke?

Three Fast Facts About Lottery Winner Bankruptcies 1. According to multiple studies, about 70% of all lottery winners end up going broke and filing for a bankruptcy.

23 Lottery Winners Bankrupt Statistics -

The stories of lottery winners who lost their millions make great reading. But can there really be as many as it seems, or is it all just media hype – so how many lottery winners go broke?




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lotto winner goes broke


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